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Competency Based Learning- high school

Michael Flushman Program Assistant, The Academy at Old Cockrill, MNPS, Nashville

Hi, I am looking for experts and models for high school competency based learning- not just projects, but full curricula. Does anyone know of any model programs/curriculum that do an effective job of providing competency based learning, especially for high school English?

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Director of NY Sun Works

Danielson's Framework

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Are the competencies you are referring to from "Danielson's Framework"?

NYC School curricula abide by the competencies set forth in Danielson.

Program Assistant, The Academy at Old Cockrill, MNPS, Nashville

No, the competencies are

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No, the competencies are based on the standards set by the state, in my case, Tennessee. However, I would be interested in seeing what project-based learning looks like regarding the Danielson Framework.

High School Biology Teacher, global generation instructor, graduate student

One way we assess competencies

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We are still in our infancy in establishing a year-round, transdiciplinary, PBL program. One element that we have added to our program is having students do a POL (Presentation of Learning) at the end of each semester (this idea was taken from High Tech High, out of San Diego). As teachers we have already formatted each semester to ensure that our curriculum and projects are aligned to our state’s core curriculum (Iowa). When students give their POL at the end of the semester, we have asked that they “Defend their Learning” using the semesters past projects that they have completed. Their outline for the POL, are the actual standards from our states “Iowa Core Curriculum”. They are graded on their ability to defend their learning as it aligns to our states standards. Students may also rely on their DP’s (Digital Portfolios) that they use to showcase their work online. An example:

Also, a brief video on what we have been trying to do this past year.

We are a public school in Iowa. As I said we have just started to move in this direction (it is a BEAST!) I would love to share ideas and see what you come up with on your end!

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A business associate of mine,

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A business associate of mine, Wade Whitmer has developed courseware to create and manage competency-based curriculums. His website is

7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Maine

We are currently in the

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We are currently in the process of transitioning to a "customized learning" model of instruction that is standards-based. I'm starting to document the process on my blog:

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