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PBL in Kindergarten? My students want to host an international food day (just for our classroom), and I am having a hard time coming up with a driving question that is not too grand for us to attempt with only a few weeks left in the school year.

kfloyd kindergarten teacher in a small rural elementary school in California

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Secondary Education student in Chicago

What do you eat and why?

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Your students might be interested to learn where the food they eat every day was first cultivated. How did it come to be on their own table? You could create a class chart or map of foods the children eat on a given day, and use that as a starting point to explore what children in other countries eat, and how (and why) it is different. Great that you are aiming to explore something your students have expressed an interest in!

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Food Source

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I think the food source, and talking about spices, for example, might be fun- just a compare and contrast thing. sample local spices, smell them, see if you can taste them in the food.

kindergarten teacher in a small rural elementary school in California

thank you for the

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thank you for the suggestions, I must be on the right track because yesterday we visited a local restaurant and talked to the chef about food sourcing, and today we are creating a graph based on the foods their parents packed in their lunches!

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