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Proposal to change or amend a school rule

Proposal to change or amend a school rule

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I'm a freelance writer working under contract with a scholastic publisher. At the moment, I'm working on a unit of study for grades K-5 on reading and writing informational texts. One component of this project requires me to come up with 3-4 nonfiction narratives of students (or groups of students) who have changed or amended a school rule. Obviously, because we're talking about such young students, the change can be pretty simple (i.e. adding ketchup to the cafeteria, how many books a student can check out from the library at one time, etc.). I'm wondering if anyone has done a project like this in with any of your classes? If so (or if you know of anyone I could talk to), please let me know. It would be a HUGE help!

Thanks so much!

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