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iPad 2 and Origami Magic and Power

Allen Berg curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Colleagues,

With this week's public launch of Apple's iPad 2,
your Classroom just got VERY exciting...
with the Magic and Power of Origami
currently also called "Paper Engineering"...

Have you got any Paper sitting around your classroom...?
You don't have to spend a penny for supplies in this PBL STEM
Arts & Crafts student activity...

And the Genius of Apple, Inc. Innovative Engineers and the longstanding Supremacy of THE National Geographic Magazine is yours to share with your students...

I apologize in advance for my uncontained Enthusiasm in my wikispace
page commentary...
I guess I'm still an Excitable Boy...

Allen Berg
Paper Engineer

Have a wonder-full Springtime in your classroom...

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Physics and math teacher.

this is almost three years

Was this helpful?

this is almost three years after the post but thank you for your work. Most of the posts I have come across so far contain little to no practical help. Your post was different. I am a big Calder fan myself.

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