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Beginning PBL 5th Grade

Beginning PBL 5th Grade

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Greetings Everyone,
I'm an administrator who is starting a new academy next year. The resources here are great! I wanted to introduce myself and to seek your expertise.

Next year I am having my school pilot a PBL program for 5th grade. The entire year will be based on PBL for this grade and I am hoping that with success, I can roll it out to the entire K-8 program.

My 5th grade teacher is excited about this and I'd like to help her find great resources and to get some great ideas.

I'm also looking for great PBL workshops or videos.

Again, this is just an introduction and I thank you for your time and dedication to student learning.


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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

Hi JW - How exciting! Here's a list of all PBL videos on Edutopia for grade 3-5.

I will ask around to see if anyone I know has any additional leads. Have you checked out #pblchat on Twitter? Lots of PBL teachers there who may be able to give you some insights.

John Wick's picture
John Wick
Principal Christ Cathedral Academy

Thank you Betty! I really appreciate you reaching out to help with this. I didn't know about the #pblchat on twitter and I'm going to be joining that right away. I'm also going to be sending these resources to my 5th grade teacher who will be at the help for this pilot.

I've already raised more than a few eyebrows within my own diocese over moving to PBL for 5th grade and I am excited to help fine tune it in my school so that others can benefit from our work.

Be well,

Ingrid Beaty's picture

Hi John,
I teach at a PBL charter school in California. I will be teaching 5th grade this year. We provide a PBL workshop in our area to other teachers/schools that are interested. I would love to help our 5th grade teacher fine tune ideas or answer questions if needed.


Nicky's picture
Fifth grade teacher from Victoria, BC

Hi Ingrid,
I am a 5th grade teacher in British Columbia. Some of my colleagues and I are interested in learning more about PBL through a workshop. When does the workshop in your area take place? Do you know if it is open to teachers from outside of the US?

Thanks so much!

Youki Terada's picture
Youki Terada
Senior Associate, Research Curation

Useful resources for PBL:

The Buck Institute for Education in Northern California has great on-site workshops, and if you can't attend those, they also provide webinars:

2 of our bloggers work with BIE and they write amazing blogs on PBL:
Suzie Boss:
Andrew Miller:

Our PBL blog section is full of teachers sharing great projects, maybe something will spark an idea:

Hope this helps!

Mahrukh's picture

Hi my school is planning to start PBl for grade 7 from next academic year. I am very excited about it.. I would like to seek your expertise or advise how to implement PBL for English language arts..

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