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Beginning PBL 5th Grade

Beginning PBL 5th Grade

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Greetings Everyone,
I'm an administrator who is starting a new academy next year. The resources here are great! I wanted to introduce myself and to seek your expertise.

Next year I am having my school pilot a PBL program for 5th grade. The entire year will be based on PBL for this grade and I am hoping that with success, I can roll it out to the entire K-8 program.

My 5th grade teacher is excited about this and I'd like to help her find great resources and to get some great ideas.

I'm also looking for great PBL workshops or videos.

Again, this is just an introduction and I thank you for your time and dedication to student learning.


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Mahrukh's picture

Hi my school is planning to start PBl for grade 7 from next academic year. I am very excited about it.. I would like to seek your expertise or advise how to implement PBL for English language arts..

Laura Thomas's picture
Laura Thomas
Director, Antioch University New England Center for School Renewal
Facilitator 2014

Hi Mahrukh! At Antioch we use the Critical Skills Program as our tool for PBL at all levels (pre-k- higher ed). You can learn more about it here antiochne.edu/acsr/criticalskills or here https://sites.google.com/a/antioch.edu/the-critical-skills-program/

You can also find me @CriticalSkills1 on Twitter and Pinterest and Youtube- there are lots of resources there as well.

Here are some sample challenges (our primary PBL vehicle on the challenge bank:


Youki Terada's picture
Youki Terada
Education researcher at Edutopia

Hi Mahrukh,

Check out these Edutopia discussions:

PBL ideas for Language Arts

Models for PBL in Language Arts

This blog post by Heather Wolpert-Gawron (also a middle school teacher) is great:
The Power of Project-Based Writing in the Classroom

Good luck! Let us know how it turns out :)


Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate
Blogger 2014

Hi Mahrukh,
English language arts is a natural fit for PBL. Along with the many resources here at Edutopia (such as http://www.edutopia.org/blogs/beat/project-based-learning and http://www.edutopia.org/project-based-learning), you might want to take a look at a site called Digital IS created by the National Writing Project. http://digitalis.nwp.org/
To find even more examples, use the project search feature at www.bie.org (You can search by grade level and subject area.)
Here's a question to ask yourself as you start to design projects: How do people use language arts in the world outside the classroom? Think about the many authentic products all around us that rely on being able to use language to communicate and connect with specific audiences. Those products should give you some ideas about what students might produce to demonstrate their understanding at the end of a project.
Good luck, and let us know about your project ideas.

Mahrukh's picture

Thank you Laura, Youki and Suzie. I will check these resources and I will keep in touch with you all.

Ingrid Beaty's picture

Hi Mahrukh,

Do you already have a specific area of 7th grade ELA that you are interested in starting PBL with? If so let me know and I can send you some project ideas as examples.

Daphne Gomez's picture
Daphne Gomez
Fifth grade English,Science and Social Studies teacher from Pakistan.

Since we at school are involved in PBL teaching, but the problem that I have been facing in my class is that I am unable to assess learners individually. Can you please guide me how to assess learners using ICT in the class?

Daphne Gomez's picture
Daphne Gomez
Fifth grade English,Science and Social Studies teacher from Pakistan.

Thanks a lot...I went through the link you have given..I really like the idea of Class hashtags,its something new and interesting to try out..would be looking forward to it.

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