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5D Design Education PBL from Disney etc.

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Dear Colleagues,

Here is a link to a spectacular "Little Mermaid" 5D Design instructional video from Disney California Adventure, posted at
Professor Martin Rayala's wonderful blog "andDesign" (K-12 Design

Professor Rayala's blog is awesome for PBL...
He has a very succinct writing style: always including a brief list of PBL process points.

This example of 5D Design is:
1. Ideation
2. Visualization (Disney staffers call it "Blue Skying" :-)
3. Prototyping = scale model building
4. Implementation

One final note about the brief Disney Video
(of course it is spectacular :-)
...Listen very carefully to the Project Director, so you catch her use of the word "Imagineering"...

Us 'old-timers' have been beating this drum in schools for 40+ years

enjoy the "California Adventure"...

Allen Berg

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