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Suggestions appreciated for 2 college social science courses

Jerry Kaiser


I teach 2 courses and am looking for ways to engage students in learning collaboratively.

I teach freshman "Stress Management" in the Kinesiology department, so part of the course must focus on physiology. I'm always looking for ways to make that unit less "digital" and more "analog". However, most of the course is focused on information and skill development to improve one's life.

I also teach an upper division transcultural healthcare course to students in the health professions, and the goal is to sensitize them to the issues faced by underserved and immigrant patients, as well as to prepare them to work effectively in an environment which is often less than caring for its employees and patients alike.

My priority in both courses is self-awareness and relationship-centered care - intra and interpersonal communication. I'm looking for activities and assessment tools to enhance both courses.

Suggestions of resources and/or activities would be appreciated.

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social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Jerry, You may want to add

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Hi Jerry,

You may want to add The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down as a text for the health profession course. Ethnographic field work may also be an option. Let me know what you think on the book and the field work.

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