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Tracy Hanson K12 Next Generation, Director

Just to give you a little background into what I am doing. New Hampshire has recently received over 11 million dollars to support charter schools and innovative educational ideas. While attending the November Virtual School Symposium sponsored by iNACOL, I also learned NH is exploring the option of competency based learning. At the time that Mistacres was developed, NH was not licensing charter schools. Consequently it was opened as a private school although it uses an online educational environment. It is time to move into a K8 Virtual Charter but New Hampshire law prohibits a private school to become a charter. An entirely new school needs to be developed. So a number of people with various backgrounds from all over the US are joining me to develop such a school and send in application - hopefully by June/July.
We hope to develop a educational environment where students progress through each subject by mastering competencies, not by grade. We want to use programs that are Lexile-based as well as Quantiles. K-3 levels will focus on developing a strong foundation in reading, math and writing with exposure to science, social studies, language, art, music, and health. What I would like to have happen in levels 4-8 is to see that many of the competencies are addressed through project based learning activities. This would allow the students to continue through objectives using real-life learning to show mastery. I hope you are all following my rather scattered thoughts.
So...why am I writing this here? I need a few of you who really understand PBL and have the experience and knowledge to develop lessons, to join our team. I have only a little knowledge from this summer ( and you know how dangerous that can be) but probably more then any of the other developers. We communicate mainly through google docs that are set up by topic. We will probably have small group conferences with Skype and try meet as an entire group monthly.
Please let me know if you can collaborate with us on this project. I would like PBL to be a major component.

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Tracy, I can try to help with

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I can try to help with the curriculum from the perspective of integrating technology. I have recently created a website which is totally free and designed to help students with group projects. It has tools and a structure for learning and doing PBL. It may be something more for Junior HS students (grades 7 and up), since it is has a lot of sharing and collaboration tools, but who knows kids these days are pretty good with technology.
Shoot me an email at if you're interested.

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