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Dear Colleagues,

Okay, it's Monday...after Christmas, we all survived...
So I check-in here at to see what the State of the
World is... knowing full-well that much of the Country is digging out of snow...luckily, I live in South Florida: it's bright sunshine and just a little bit "brisk" (temperatures in the low 50's...)

I had a good Christmas... because I knew in advance, that I did not need the "Must Have" Gifts of the New iPad or New iPhone...having just last week installed my New AT&T landline home-wired phone:
which does not require re-charging the battery or repeatly asking,
"Can you hear me now?..."

So I woke up content and calm...until, I turned on my computer...
and found in my emailbox my daily update from:

The world's best most comprehensive paper-crafting
( = Paper-Engineering) website/blog...
That is = One of the world's best most comprehensive FREE
Projects-Based Learning (PBL) online resource for teachers and students...

Which announced boldly and brilliantly-visually, so that I had no
wiggle-room for disagreement or procrastination... that

The New Stargate "Dial Home Device" (DHD) was now available for FREE
download immediately at:

Which is spectacularly illustrated and constructed for you to see
and freely downloadable for you and your students to construct =
Engineering with Paper, so that you too can now:
"Dial Home For Free" anywhere in the Universe!!!

And the website link is from France!
So you can use this website in your HS French Classroom! as well...
Or use FREE Google Translate ("French to English") to practice
language arts in your classroom...

Plus just as an additional enhancement, the Website is a
Wiki(Space?) you can explore what that all means for your classroom activities and fun...

It's good to know that "Now I can Dial Home for Free, with my soon-to-be-constructed (handmade/handcrafted) DHD...

Confirming, at least for now, that I don't really need the New iPad or iPhone, yet..., because this new device of mine:
"Lets me dial any Destination Stargate Address to open a Gate or Wormhole..."

That my Friends and Colleagues is indeed Very Good News to share today...

in the Universe,

just one letter away from "Alien"... :-)

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