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Position Opening - PBL teacher needed for innovative program

Tim McNamara

Innovative PBL blended learning environment. Will work with R&D team to create networked face-to-face PBL pods and virtual PBL pods.

OH Institute is a student-centric, non-traditional educational model and research and development non-profit (501c3) that serves ages 10-18 in a multi-aged modular networked community learning environment. OH Institute has open atmosphere for facilitators/teachers and students to explore, investigate and experiment in their own learning, through project-based learning (PBL), by allowing students to learn though their own interests and passions. A “safe” blended environment (face-to-face + virtual) built on the concepts of community allows students to take risks and be supported by peers and facilitators/teachers during the learning process.

Creative, flexible and fluid lifelong learner to work with team in an innovative environment. Fits into organizations core values of community, respect, responsibility, humility and integrity.

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Contact via email: tmcnamara@oh-institute.or

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