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A New PBL Online Magazine: "andDesign"

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Greetings Colleagues,

This new online magazine "andDesign" edited by Professor Martin Rayala Ph.D. at has 2 new articles about Design and Engineering Education for K-12 Teachers...

1. The first article has a wonderful 4-point summary about Design Education:

Students need to learn design thinking today:
1. Ideation (Identifying, clarifying and researching a problem)
2. Visualization (brainstorming, generating potential solutions)
3. Prototyping (selecting a possible solution and testing it by making models)
4. Implementation (present the best solution, produce it, disseminate it and evaluate it.)
Posted by Martin Rayala, Ph.D. at 1:09 PM

2. and the second article announces the news that Technology Educators Association has just added "Engineering" to their title name, which means that "Design Education" is now an accepted Standard in all Technology Education...

"The significance of this simple change is monumental. Technology Educators have made a move to incorporate design into their curriculum and to be the locus of design education in schools. Engineering is very closely related to design and the Engineering Design Process Model is almost identical to the Design Process Model:
1. State the problem
2. Generate ideas
3. Select a solution
4. Build the item
5. Evaluate
6. Present the results"

Here again is a wonderful summary outline of 6-points that mirror the above 4-point outline :-)

Did you notice that "Model-Making" is critical to both Procedures!!
#3. Prototyping (selecting a possible solution and testing it by making models)
#4.Build the item

That is why when I first joined Edutopia Groups in August 2010, I recommended the paper model-building website:

the worldwide source of free downloadable paper template designs for all sorts of paper model-building...

Seasons Greetings,

Allen Berg

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