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Is there a data base of real world problems that are currently being tackled by students?

Adam Bearson

Looking for a resource of current and ongoing project-based learning problems.

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I don't know of one, but I

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I don't know of one, but I know schools like Science Leadership Academy n Philadelphia have done some amazing things, including developing a "flow" versus "batch" process for bio-diesel, and they ended up pairing up with two towns in south america, who are now using this process to generate a portion of their fuel needs. So it can be done. Let me know if you'd like to speak with the principal, Chris Lehmann. The stuff happeing at this school is truly amazing

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Issues and Themes

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We always design our curriculum projects around real-world issues and themes. See

A current project is the Food and Culture global, collaborative classrooms project. We have built in connections to and investigations of issues and themes ranging from globalization, childhood obesity, nutrition, school lunch programs, environmental studies, sustainability, the fresh water shortage crisis, renewal sources of energy, global studies, economics, law, agriculture, food production, and more. So far we have schools from around the United States (including Hawaii), India, Australia and South Africa. See the Issues and Themes link at

We are connecting to a number of issues identified in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and issues of focus by the White House. Also see the Food and Culture Wix, refer to the Curriculum section.

You may contact me at

We also have a free newsletter.

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CIESE Projects

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Check out the interdisciplinary, collaborative, real-world projects designed by the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education:

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Thanks for these resources

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I am trying to initiate just what this topic espouses and am looking for all the topics--general and specific--I can get to give a great answer when I am asked that question, "But what can I do with MY students?"

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Service-Learning Projects

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The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse has a database of projects searchable by grade level, setting, and key words:

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I doubt there is a data base

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I doubt there is a data base but my tutor E-book :Solving Math Word Problems emphasizes 'real world' problems.

You may want to visit my website:

Hal Schneider

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I've come into this

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I've come into this discussion late but I'd suggest you check out the UN World Millenium Development Goals. These address the largest problems our world faces and are ripe topics for study.

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