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High School Health Education?

Kim Clark

It looks like there have been no entries re: health education in two years, and NONE regarding PBL for high school health instruction?! Yet it seems to me that PBL would be a phenomenally effective way to generate normative group activities, projects and discussions regarding a range of timely topics? Any thoughts, updates, or references?
Kim Clark, Southern California

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Hey Kim, You're right! PBL is

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Hey Kim,
You're right! PBL is hugely effective for health teachers... but because there's so few of us, it can be tough to find others to collaborate with. I've got a blog that I update regularly with resources, and you might find some stuff on there that could be of use...
And not sure if you're on Twitter yet, but I've connected with quite a few health teachers on there as well.
Hopefully we can get some conversations going!

10th Grade Health Teacher - International School of Beijing

Hello Kim and Amy, I agree

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Hello Kim and Amy,

I agree that it is often difficult to find good resources for health education. It's probably because most health educators also teach P.E., and so health isn't their primary focus. I am currently doing a couple of PBL projects in my health classroom, but must admit I am new to PBL this year. I would love to share resources with the two of you and perhaps discuss what we are all doing in our classrooms. Have either of you been experimenting with PBL? Kim, thanks for the link above. I will check it out.


Community Manager at Edutopia

Brook, welcome to the

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Brook, welcome to the Edutopia community. It looks like you've stumbled across an older discussion thread that never quite took off. I'll see if we can bring some attention to the issue though.

Journalist and PBL advocate

Hi Kim, Thanks for calling

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Hi Kim,
Thanks for calling attention to health education and the natural connections with PBL.
I've seen some phenomenal projects that focus on community health, nutrition, exercise, and access to health care--all approached through inquiry, reaching authentic audiences, student voice, etc.
I just blogged about Don Wettrick and "The Eric Project." It's getting enormous attention online. At heart, it's well-designed PBL--Driving Question ("How can we design a plan to help Eric improve his health?"), authentic audience (Eric! plus others who benefit from message), connections with experts (nutritionists, etc.). Blog post is here:
Watch the video here:
For other examples, think about how students might put on a community wellness event (which I saw happen in Gwinnett County, GA), or focus on helping a specific audience (i.e., improving nutrition of low-income seniors or educating airline passengers about need to move during long flights).
Please share examples you're seeing. Love to hear about them!

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