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social studies

Davion Kevro Reid Physical Education and Trained Teacher, Barracks Road Primary School, Monte

how using technologycan social studies be taught

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7th & 8th Socila Studies

Last year I found out an

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Last year I found out an online tool called SCAN by Tregoed. A short explanation is it is a "closed Blog" for your students only. You can set it up for each period or all of your students, whichever works best for you. It is easy to use, easy to learn, and affordable. I think a 1 year subscription is around 30-40 dollars. You cna go the their site, check it out and sign up for a trial period. I love ot because the kids do blog and with the teacher view I can delete inappropriate comments, I can give myself a username and blog with them..Just A nice tool to ad to your kit. I usually end with either an essay or other writing assignment using a RAFT (role, audience, format, topic) of some kind.

High School Social Science

I am beginning to see that an

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I am beginning to see that an essay as the final product might not be the way to go with this first unit, although I believe the importance of teaching good essay skills will be of great benefit to them in college and beyond. I am thinking of having the kids do a survey concerning what people know about their government. This, howeer, leaes me with the problem of a good driving qauestions. I liked Suzie's idea about ",How enlightned are we". But I am also thinkiong of asking "Was the American revolution really revolutionary."

I appreciate all the help you have given me, but I must confess that I am a bit more confused about this whole thing than I was when I started this line of inquiry. I will go back to the drawing board and let you know what I come up with for additional feedback.


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A newcomer's question... Where are we...?

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Dear Colleagues,

I was posting a message here at our Projects Based Learning Group and found this discussion about Social Studies going on...

Briefly, I am confused about "where we are"...?

The discussion started with Davion Kevro Reid, a teacher in Montego Bay, on the island of Jamaica...
Now it seems that we are in Hemet, California, in the Southern California Inland Desert area between Murrieta and Palm Springs...

And what is the question about teaching Social Studies... for who and where...?

I will step back into the background to see what clarification is presented... then if the teachers involved would like some assistance, I can check back in with your discussion...

Otherwise, just carry on...


Allen Berg

Hi Andrew, Your 3 examples

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Hi Andrew,
Your 3 examples suggest the important learning goals you're after (understanding roots of democracy, forms of govt., etc.), but I wonder if you might reframe your driving question to spark more curiosity and engagement.
How about asking: How Enlightened are we?
To arrive at an answer, students would need to thoroughly understand Enlightenment thinkers, and then do their own analysis/evaluation of today's system of government (which would mean using higher-order thinking and offering evidence to support their argument). You also want your ( Charlie page question to be open-ended and allow for considerable voice and choice when it comes to a final product or performance.
I'm curious to hear how others would come at this project idea.

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