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PBL Classroom Management

PBL Classroom Management

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What routines and procedures make PBL successful for students and us? If you're new to PBL and/or nervous... post and brainstorm here. Here are management questions I've had this week: - what seating will communicate order and inspire collaboration? (I've been in situations where groups turn into social hour... not good! Right now I have desks arranged in pairs. My classroom looks like rows of pairs. This way kids can easily think/pair/share. One pair can also easily turn their desks around to create a group of four. We'll practice this maneuver when we start to use it. I'm hoping this set up communicates both order and collaboration. - how do students get to (and return) the resources they need, easily? - where are kids going to store their projects and supplies? - what needs to go up on the walls to help students navigate the room and the learning? - what do I need to do to make sure students know what they need to do during independent work time? - what versatile assignments can I give students to ensure all kids are authentically on-task and accountable? (ex. of versatile assignment: minutes. Students can take minutes during their project work time and turn these in for a grade. I just need to design and teach a good structure for their minutes!) - what structures/assignments require kids to collaborate and critique each others' work? (think/pair/share, interview, fishbowls, critiquing methods, more??) How do I teach and model them, and create rubrics for them? I need to spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year teaching this stuff. We need to rehearse it. For World History, our opening unit is on Resources, and students will be making a resource brochure as their end product. I will be integrating these PBL skills and structures through this project. My mentor helped me see that everything I do in the classroom the first weeks needs to teach behavior and/or content... preferably both at the same time! What do you teach and rehearse at the beginning of the year, to set your students and yourself up well? Or what do you want advice on?

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