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Starting out with PBL

John Rheineck

Our middle school has a directive to change to PBL based education. Student directed is the goal, but how much ownership by students should we start with?

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I think that would depend on

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I think that would depend on the students you all teach and if they have sufficiently developed good learning habits to begin with. I teach in an online high school and we are going to be writing our own PBL curriculum and will switch over to it next year.

I have seen our numbers decline quite a bit this past year because students do not have strong study skills, self-motivation or discipline and have a difficult time organizing and managing their time. If the students learn strong "Habits of Mind" first and you can whet their appetites for learning right off the bat, I think they will be able to take charge of their learning more so in the future. If they are used to PBL, then they will fall into place quickly. Others definitely must be taught first.

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