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New PBL Project - Need Partners!

New PBL Project - Need Partners!

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Participating in the PBL Camp was so valuable. I can't wait to implement all of the wonderful ideas. I looking for first grade teachers to collaborate on a project titled "Who We Are?" I'd like to roll all of the getting to know you stuff into a project that starts with the indivudal students and moves to who we are as a class and school with a strong inquiry, critical thinking base and tech integration. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate.

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Jennifer T.'s picture

I would be really interested in collaborating with you on this project. I am a second year teacher of Gifted and Talented and will have about 8 first graders. This would be great. What do you have in mind?

elaine's picture

I am also a teacher of GT, and would love to find out more about this project!

Jennifer T.'s picture

I haven't gotten a response from my post so yes I would love to collaborate but I have no idea what "Stephanie" has in mind. Hopefully she will respond in a day or so. What age kids do you teach?

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