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PBL Camp: Week 3 Check-In

PBL Camp: Week 3 Check-In

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The final week of PBL Camp is coming up. How's your project planning progressing? Are you connecting with your team members? What's going well? Any challenges? Now's a good time to ask specific questions or let us know if you need help finding resources. Please respond to this discussion for any Week 3 feedback (regardless of your grade level).

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Jason's picture
9-12 At-Risk Social Studies Teacher

Working with my team has been a great experience. We have bounced a ton of ideas off each other and have worked hard to construct a vision for what the Project could be and what it should be. I expect to put get together more as the school year starts to help develop this learning experience for all my team members.

Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate
Blogger 2014

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the update. I love hearing about the collaboration that's happening among PBL Campers. I hope you'll be joining us for the Friday webinar (8/6). Your team is among those presenting, right?

Webinar details on the wiki: http://pblcamp.pbworks.com

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