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PBL Camp: Science PBL Questions

Eric Brunsell Asst Professor of Science Education @ UW-Oshkosh

Hi all-

The volume of posts for PBL Camp is fantastic!  I thought I would start this discussion for science folks looking to connect and ask questions.  I'll jump in too.

I think PBL is a powerful way for students to actively inquiry about authentic issues with an authentic audience!  As you work on your project, keep in mind ways that you can facilitate student "cross-talk" as they develop their ideas.  Also, consider having students create a product(s) that have an audience beyond your classroom.

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PBL Campers--
Eric is one our PBL Camp experts, available to answer your questions and steer you to great resources. Take advantage of his science know-how by asking questions in this discussion.
And if you haven't read Eric's PBL Camp blog post, be sure to take a look: It's full of good ideas. And check out the comments, too, for more science and PBL resources.

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