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PBL Camp: Week 1 Special Event

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Tonight (7/14/10), Kyle Meador, the New Orleans teacher and PBL Camper who was a guest in our kickoff webinar, will be joining the live webcast of Teachers Teaching Teachers. "Voices from the Gulf" will be a one-hour show starting at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern.

Go here to listen:

Show host Paul Allison, also a member of PBL Camp, will be hosting conversations all summer about how educators can best address the Gulf disaster. Keep track of upcoming events by following @paulallison or @edtechtalk on Twitter.

And if you missed this week's kickoff webinar, the recording is now available here:

Slides from the webinar are available here:

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Journalist and PBL advocate

Great Conversation

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This was a terrific discussion, featuring Kyle Meador and several other teachers from the Gulf region. The chat was brimming with PBL resources and ideas, too.
The recording (and chat archive) will be posted soon to:
Check it out!

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