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PBL Camp is sold out!

PBL Camp is sold out!

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There are no more slots left in the upcoming PBL camp. If you'd like to attend a future camp and did not yet register, don't despair! You will be able to view the discussions in this group, plus you'll have access to the archives. We apologize for the inconvenience! We hope to produce future PBL camps or camps for other topics. If you'd like to suggest one, please let us know. Thanks!
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Bill Kuhl's picture

I am teaching a new class for local university "College for Kids" program this summer entitled, "Engineering Through Models". Several of the other classes because low enrollment but mine had to be closed because it went over the maximum.

Bill Kuhl's picture

Trying to say other classes cancelled because of low enrollment, where as my class had to be limited to 12, the maximum.

Cindy Wihebrink's picture
Cindy Wihebrink
5th Grade Teacher

I have been teaching for the past 20 years at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch which is 36 miles northwest of Amarillo, Texas. It has been a rewarding experience and I am excited to learn how I can implement project based learning in my classroom as well as support other teachers in their classrooms with PBL.

Bill Kuhl's picture

Found out yesterday that "Engineering Through Models" class was the number one choice of students. It really has me convinced that there is a lot of interest in science-type projects.

Cary Speer's picture

Also a Boys Ranch teach non registered participant trying to follow along by veiwing the disscussions and would like to read the archives, where do I find them.

Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate

[quote]would like to read the archives, where do I find them.[/quote]
Hi Cary,
Here's an overview of PBL Camp with links to webinar recordings:
And here's the PBL Camp wiki where you'll find an archive of each week's suggested activities, campers' plans in progress, more resources, etc.
Hope you find these resources useful for developing your own project.
Good luck,

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