Project learning can inspire the best of high-performance teamwork, or it can be devolve into unfocused chaos. How can we support each other to keep our eye on the prize? Share your project ideas, questions, and implementation experiences.

PBL Camp: Ideas for Projects

Jeremy Jorgensen 8th Grade Science Teacher

I am a science teacher and am looking for great projects to go along with the three units I teach: Matter and Energy, Forces and Motion, Waves, Light, Sound.

If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

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School Age Child Care site director in Hillsboro, MO

This works in Middle School

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This works in Middle School too. 7th and 8th graders took it a little further with a cross curricular class. Language Arts classes interviewed the Gods and Goddesses in costume to solve classical Greek "Mythteries" based on the research kids had done. The costumes, and research was done in World History classes. 7th graders were captive audiences for skits the 8th graders developed and articles the 8th graders wrote on the topic. Great fun and extensive cooperative learning.

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