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Getting Started with Project Based Learning

Annie Curriculum Director

I work for a nonprofit organization that supports schools in Pakistan. We are looking at ways of introducing PBL into our primary schools. Given that we're at the beginning stages, what would be good project lengths to suggest (one day? one week?)? Any suggestions for good resources for the very basics of starting project based learning would be greatly appreciated. Project ideas and training resources would be welcome.


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UK English (Language Arts) teacher working in Malaysia.


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Check out the resources from BIE and who run a course. They have examples of projects for getting started. They are based on hours rather than days/weeks and can be adapted for use. Good luck!

Journalist and PBL advocate

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Hi Annie,
Great to hear that you're introducing PBL to your elementary students. When teachers and students are new to this way of learning, it's smart to start with shorter-term, smaller-scope projects. At the same time, you want the project to last long enough so there's time for real inquiry. Two weeks for starters is a good rule of thumb. Then, think about what worked well, what was challenging, and what you can build into your next project.
You will find a wealth of resources at Edutopia to help you with PBL. Here are two popular videos that show elementary grades PBL:
Lots more resources in the Schools That Work section of this site--search for PBL examples.
Good luck!

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