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Start a Varsity Media Team!

Jeremy Chan Executive producer at The Media League

The Media League ( just launched their inaugural season, and is inviting teachers and students at all high schools to enter a varsity media team into the world's first online creativity competition!

The Media League offers the following benefits to schools:

  • Increased Digital Relevance to Students
  • Increased Student Engagement
  • Enhanced School Spirit
  • Digital Training and Career Development for Students
  • Creative Excellence Celebrated and Rewarded
  • Enhanced School Profile
  • The League is an opportunity for kids to excel, to gain respect and even to launch professional careers. All high school students are invited to register and celebrate their creativity by participating either as players or as loyal fans of the school team.

    The inaugural season of the Media League has just begun, and will coincide with the 2012-2013 school year.

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    semi-retired librarian/ media specialist

    Homeschoolers Media League Team?

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    Do you think Media League would be appropriate for homeschoolers? What are the guidelines for participation? (I did check your URL, but I didn't see actual guidelines there.) Thanks so much.

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