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Educational apps for PBL

Jordan Bentley e-Learning Producer

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jordan and I'm new to Edutopia but didn't know where to start to introduce myself to this great community. I am a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz and I have always been fascinated and passionate about e-Learning, Project-based learning and innovative distance education. I have spent time producing a digital humanities project through the division of humaninties at UC Santa Cruz, and see this discussion as a great place to share ideas about the advent of digital education throughout the country.

I would like to start by asking if anyone has used or plans to use tablet apps for educational purposes. There are thousands of apps now that encourage project-based education as well as technological integration and learning, and I think implementing these apps for students in all grade levels is vital for leading an era in technologically proficient education. Apps provide a great resource for digital Project-based learning because they are self contained projects that don't have to depend on in-class resources and can be shared with diverse language and international audiences. Drawing, animating, storytelling and language skills are particularly good skills to learn on new technology because of the ammount of in-class time and resources previously required to complete these projects. I believe the digital medium is the way innovative education strategies can be implemented in the future, and want to know what others think.

Sorry for the long first post >_<, hope others are as interested in this as I am!

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Technology in Education

I am using Glogster EDU for

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I am using Glogster EDU for my PBL projects. They support UDL principles as well.

Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a Time

Math students? Try out

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Math students? Try out Online math tutor for all ages.

Sixth grade classroom teacher from Doniphan, MO

I am looking for apps to use

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I am looking for apps to use in my sixth grade classroom for my gifted student. Do you have any suggestions?

Kindergarten teacher, Iowa

Kindergarten teacher

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I am looking for educational apps and resources to use with iPads for PBL in a kindergarten classroom.

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