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Projects Branching Out Internationally

Matthew J South Louisiana native living and married in Denmark


I have just joined edutopia...

Looks like a great site. Many resources to reach out to.

I work at a school in Aarhus, Denmark where I am first and foremost employed to work for a more internationalized educational experience for the students.

The school is a 'Business School,'' but it really is a low level Junior - Senior high school, that preps students to be professionals from the most basic levels (boutique worker) to more ambitious apsirations, but it is business centered anyway. As opposed to a technical college, or some particular skill education.

Anyway! The school is highly project based in it's education, as it is not so much what they know, but that they can work and build projects (practical education).

I would just like to reach out, and have on notice that I am here, and if you can think of something you would like to do with an international school (and although Danmark not being an english speaking country, majority can communicate - and I wouldn't be here if they weren't looking for more english integration into the school)

The school is very felxible, there is no set curriculum, teacher's present topics and projects and the students work,
So any idea would probably be easy to incoporate into some plan on this end.

It would be more of a question which teacher here would want to the idea done. But that will be somethign to work out later.

I am more reaching out to you in the community as I unfortunately do not have any great plans myself on what project we can do together, but if you have something in mind, or would like to initiate contact to maybe to work something out from scratch, please do contact me.

Matthew Joseph Cropper

I think it could be really exciting to join classes across the world via skype or something into their education. (project based)

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