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Skills for Project Based learning

Elliott Seif

I believe that there are five skills that are embedded in project based learning.
These are important skills that should be the focus of many projects.
In fact, I would argue that it should be called "project based thinking".
The five skills (skill sets) are:

Asking questions, defining problems and challenges;
Searching for and processing information and data;
Thinking deeply and flexibly;
Drawing conclusions, applying learning to new situations;
Communicating effectively,

These are not necessarily in a sequence (although they could be)
but should be developed and enhanced through project based
learning. The skills help to describe a sequence of activities that make
project based learning meaningful and powerful.

For more about these skills, the connections to project based learning,
and instructional strategies and principles that promote these skills, go to:, the about era 3 learning page, article on five skills.

What do you think?

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