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Middle school science ideas

belarnold Middle school science teacher from volusia county Fl

I teach middle school science, and would like to incorporate project based learning. I've never had any training, so I've had to do my own research for it. I'm having trouble finding good ideas that could work in my curriculum.
6th grade science:
Physical science: specifically conservation of energy, motion, and forces. There is minimal friction and no projectile motion (All ideas that I find have something to do with projectile motion)
Life Science: Cells and body systems. Emphasis on homeostasis
Earth Science: Weathering and Erosion and weather factors

7th Grade Science:
Physical Science: Light and waves- specifically em spectrum, reflection and refraction
Life science: DNA and Genetics
Earth Science: layers of the earth, rocks, and plate tectonics

8th grade:
Physical science: chemistry- periodic table, physical and chemical properties, mixtures, compounds, solutions
Space science: solar system, types of galaxies, stars, sun, moon, seasons, eclipse
Life science: energy flow- carbon cycle, water cycle, nitrogen cycle- photosynthesis, cellular respiration.

Any ideas would be so great. I have no one to collaborate with on this!!

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