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PBL in World Languages this summer in Santa Barbara!

Don Doehla, MA, NBCT Co-Director East Bay WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center

Hello everyone!

PBL in World Languages feels a lot like a pioneering work as there are few of us working on its implementation. Nevertheless, some of us are, and finding a great deal of success with it! See the World Languages Community Forum here @Edutopia for more, if interested.

Of particular note is that this summer I will be leading a workshop for WL teachers in Santa Barbara at UCSB July 22-27! I look forward to meeting other WL teachers interested in collaborating in building common projects, regardless of which language we may each be teaching. Here is the link for more information:

Download Summer Seminar Description and Registration Information here

I hope you can come, or that you will pass this information along to your WL colleagues for consideration.

Best to all,
Don Doehla
Instructional Coach, French Teacher, Vintage HS, Napa, CA
Teacher Trainer, UC Berkeley Language Center, EBWLP
WL Community Forum Moderator @Edutopia
#langchat team co-moderator on Twitter

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