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Demonstration at STEM Elementary School

Demonstration at STEM Elementary School

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I did a demonstration at a local STEM elementary school today as the "Science Guy" I did a demonstration at an elementary school today in two sessions; K2 and 3-4. The theme I used were three things starting with "I". Inspiration, Ideas, and Isaac Newton. First I showed them scale models of the Wright Flyer and the Spirit of St. Louis and had them try to name the famous planes. The Wright Flyer they got but had trouble with the Spirit of St. Louis. Then I talked about how the Wright Brothers approached the problem of flight and how they had been inspired by other inventors before them. With the Spirit of St. Louis I talked about how that Charles Lindberg inspired people to fly and build model airplanes. Then I did a flight of a Delta Dart rubber powered air plane. The kids went wild when they saw that fly. After that I showed how I found ideas for foam gliders starting with the FPG-9 and moving on to the other gliders I designed from foam. The gliders were a big hit too. After that I demonstrated a mousetrap car, wind turbine, electric motor, and the hydraulic arm. With the older group I talked some of Newton's Laws.

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