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Syringe Hydraulic Arm Project

Syringe Hydraulic Arm Project

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I just finished a construction article for my version of a "Syringe Hydraulic Arm" The kids are really fascinated by this where ever I take it. http://www.scienceguy.org/Articles/SyringeHydraulics.aspx

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Woody Phillips's picture

Levers, Hydraulics, Project Management, ... So many lessons in one! This is a very clever lab. Have you ever done a follow-up lab the next year? "Improve Your Hydraulic Arm". This is where the students try to improve one thing about the arm such as making it stronger, lighter, cheaper, better looking, etc. It reinforces what they learned the first time. Just an idea I had after reading this.

Bill Kuhl's picture

I see I have to connect through FB to reply. This is a new project and I have not built it with any groups as of yet. Myself I have only built two, the first one and then another one follow the instructions I had created.

Keeping the lines on has been the biggest challenge, shrinking the tubing at the ends helped but kids like to jerk on the lines and then water leaks out. Maybe gluing the line to syringe after filling is what is needed.

It is a great project to take and display because it can be operated anywhere unlike a water rocket that takes a big area outside.

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