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Arts Integration for STEM - PD for Educators

Katie Rogerson Marketing & Outreach Director, Arts Integration Solutions

Innovation for classroom success!
Join Arts Integration Solutions for one of our upcoming 4 hr. or 12 hr. PD trainings in
Arts Integration for STEM.

Arts Integration Intensive (Aii) -- 12 hr or 4 hr training
- January 21, Mesa, AZ, Saturday 8:30am-12:30pm, $99
- February 3-4, Denver, CO, Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, $325*
- February 11, Tucson, AZ, Saturday 8:30-12:30am, $99

*includes dinner and lunch, AiS discounted rate for hotel accomodations available.

Register today at or (520) 309-5858
Please email for a complete Arts Integration for STEM brochure.

Teachers, school teams, and leadership will learn...
1. How to consider the STEM objectives - standards, proficiencies, foundational knowledge -- for natural links to specific art forms.
2. A working knowledge of how various art forms can make the STEM concepts engaging for
students in experimental, project-based teaching practice.
3. Basic knowledge of arts integration, aligning neurological development of children with teaching strategies.

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