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Looking for an Online Master's Degree Program

Looking for an Online Master's Degree Program

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There are hundreds of masters degree programs to choose from. What has your experience been? Any recommendations?

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Ernie Rambo's picture
Ernie Rambo
Electives teacher (drama, TV, Future City)

I have heard many good things about Walden University and Western Governors, but also would suggest that you take a look at Capella. I am currently finishing up a degree with Capella and have felt challenged and supported by their program.

Leah MacVie's picture
Leah MacVie
Instructional Designer | Canisius College

It might be beneficial to check with your potential employers before you start to scout out an online program. I know from experience many only deal with a certain type of accreditation.

Also, what type of online program are you looking for? An interactive one with webinars, chat, and multimedia or a text-based one? At most online colleges, the classes are pre-designed, and the instructors are only facilitators so they don't have much say in the design or delivery. These are things to think about....

Shawn Beard's picture
Shawn Beard
Virtual School Coordinator


Do you have a link for the Univ. Of TX Arlington program?

David Andrade's picture
David Andrade
High School Physics teacher, Educational Technology Specialist

I did my online Master's Degree at Walden University (www.waldenu.edu). I thought it was a great program and I learned a lot. It was easy to apply to and they scheduled the classes in a specific order and sent you any materials you needed (books, readings) before each class started.

I thought it was just as rigorous and challenging as the in-person Master's in Management I did.


Todd Anderson's picture

I am currently finishing my Masters of Educational Technology degree online through Boise State University. The program is awesome. Most classes are asynchronous while I'm currently in an Educational Games and Simulations class that meets every Thursday night in Second Life. It is a blast. The curriculum is great and applicable in my current Technology Education position.

Todd Anderson's picture

I am currently finishing my Masters of Educational Technology degree online through Boise State University. Most of the classes are asynchronous, however I'm in a class on Educational Games and Simulations which meets synchronously each Thursday night in Second Life. It's a blast. The curriculum is great and the professors are very helpful. I highly recommend it. Watch a great video about it here:

Marie Limback's picture
Marie Limback
Principal at Distance Education High School

I highly recommend the University of Maryland University College. There are many different programs and fields of study. I completed my Master of Distance Education degree last year, after taking one course at a time over a 4-year period. The classes are mostly small, lots of reading from original sources, lots of interaction with excellent professors, fully accredited, connection with a brick-and-mortar state university. I am not from MD, so I had to pay out-of-state tuition, but it was such a rigorous program that was applicable to my daily work and yet offered so much theoretical underpinning, that I absolutely felt it was worth it.


Donelle O'Brien's picture
Donelle O'Brien

Wow. Thanks for all of the great feedback. Sounds like quite a few of you have gone with Walden. Anyone enroll with Wilkes University? I signed up for information. They have two different edtech programs and both look interesting.

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