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Developing global education competencies for the classroom

Andy Tran Member at TakingITGlobal

Hello Edutopians,

On behalf of TakingITGlobal, a nonprofit organization inspiring youth the world over to contribute to positive social change, I wanted to share some news about our new professional development programs designed for teachers just like yourselves.

The first e-course (Introduction to Global Education) provides an introduction to the concept of global education and the pedagogical approaches, design strategies, and technological tools that can be harnessed to support integrating international issues and perspectives into the classroom. Building on this introduction, the second e-course (Introduction to Global Project-based Learning) delves into global project-based learning, investigating how to create student-driven, collaborative learning experiences that meet specific educational standards while empowering students to think and act as global citizens.

Course Dates:

- Introduction to Global Education: February 2/3 to March 9/10, 2011
- Introduction to Global Project-based Learning e-Course: March 30/31 to May 4/5, 2011

Both courses are being offered with two time options, to ensure there's a time that will work for you, wherever in the world you'll be participating from!

Each e-course consists of four weekly 75-90 minute classes, followed by an optional (though highly recommended) class during which participants are encouraged to share their final projects, which will be scheduled for two weeks following the last class.

The e-courses has been accredited by the College of Graduate Studies at Plymouth State University (PSU) in New Hampshire, USA. After successfully completing an e-course, participants who wish to receive credit for their participation will be eligible to receive one graduate credit.

For more detailed information about the e-courses and to register, please visit

Please feel free to share this email with peers who may be interested in this opportunity! (We are offering discounts for groups of 3 or 5 educators from the same school)

We look forward to having you join us for some powerful global learning!


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I am developing a Teachers Training Program, iDr.Podcast, that will train Educators to Facilitate, the Implementation of E-Technology, integrated with International Interactive Educational settings based upon the precepts on, The Concepts of Epistemology.

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