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Hey Administrators! What do you need?

Mike Morgan

I have been looking for a Masters program for some time but have not been able to pull the trigger. There are a number of programs which really interest me. But the reality of the world is that I need to make myself as marketable as possible (I am currently a secondary Social Studies teacher, you see).

Can you please make suggestions for areas which you anticipate needing help in? Beside special education and math, what else would you recommend? Where will need dedicated folks? It could be in the classroom in a "traditional" setting or otherwise. And if you could, try to project a few years down the road. Thanks ahead of time.

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Maybe this year...

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I know what you mean. I have had a difficult couple of years and it was hard to fit that masters in. I'm hoping to be able to finally make it a reality next fall.

Did you enroll in a program?

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