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ePortfolios - Impressive or Wasteful?

ePortfolios - Impressive or Wasteful?

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Hello all, After a very difficult first year of teaching as a long-term substitute for two different grade levels, I am currently a day-to-day substitute in hopes, more than ever, of landing a full time teaching job for the upcoming school year. In my continually expanding job search, I have recently been considering the idea of re-creating an online/electronic portfolio. I had a very detailed and extensive ePortfolio while in college, per a requirement of a course; however, the site has since been deleted after having graduated close to two years ago. I have a great interest in web design and consider it one of my strengths. I have recently designed, and currently maintain, a web site for a small insurance agency that my mom works for. I also have a personal site that I created to sell jewelry that I make - all in all, I would thoroughly enjoy creating an online portfolio ... But is it really worth it? I have a very nice and professional portfolio in a binder that I keep up to date and have taken with me on several interviews, but it's a 50/50 chance as to whether or not it gets looked at. What are your opinions on an ePortfolio? Is it worth the effort? With technology on the rise, would it make more sense to create one, instead of lugging around a "hard copy" so to speak. I look forward to your opinions!

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