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Give me your thoughts on Teacher Education Programs in Portland, OR!


Good morning everyone,

I am a post-bac student at Portland State University, and am currently looking into the teacher education programs at both PSU's Graduate School of Education (GTEP), as well as Lewis & Clark's Graduate School of Counseling and Education (MAT).

I am trying to field as much information about the two programs - and am wondering if there are any graduates of either programs out there, or educators in the Portland area who could give me some insight.

Tuition differences aside, I am wondering which is the better program for me - but so far am having a hard time getting a sense of the differences in casual conversations with graduates of both programs. I hear over and over again, "Oh - it just depends on your cohort (or cohort leader)".

So, if anyone out there has thoughts, insights, experiences to share... please, do tell!


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