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Ryan Gaskill Educator,Speaker, Coaching Students and Teachers towards Passion and Goals

I recently began training to become a professional life coach. I quickly saw the benefits of using coaching strategies in my classroom. A lot of it was things I had done for years, but much of it helped shape a new vision for me as a teacher. I wanted to use coaching to empower students to create a vision for their lives that would lead to a motivation and purpose for my students.

I have found that many of my students can create a goal, but can't formulate the steps they need to complete that goal. This brought me to a process of coaching students through the process of building an action plan to make goals attainable.

I was curious about how other educators have used coaching techniques and the results you have seen from implementing the strategies?

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Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

Hi Ryan- I actually wrote a

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Hi Ryan-
I actually wrote a book on this topic because I found the same thing- except on the teacher end. Lots of teachers want to be coaches but they don't know what to do or how to do it. I focuses on planning the kinds of lessons that lend themselves well to facilitative strategies as well as the what to do (and not do) when the kids are working and the teacher is coaching.

The best piece of advice I ever got- and the one I always give- is to eat a Bit O Honey as soon as you give the kids the problem to solve. (That's a really sticky kind of toffee candy.) In many cases, coaching is about learning to listen and observe- two skills teachers aren't often encouraged to develop in teacher prep programs.

Educator,Speaker, Coaching Students and Teachers towards Passion and Goals

Thanks, if you would send

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Thanks, if you would send along the name of your book. I'd love to read it. As a teacher and coach my biggest take away is as a coach I'm not trying to be the expert and tell the students the right way to do certain things. They get to explore and figure it out. Better results and builds self confidence in them.

Thanks again for contributing to the conversation.

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