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Differentiation from Day 1

Differentiation from Day 1

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Differentiation and teaching is like peanut butter and jelly. Not everybody likes it! However, if done correctly, this can be very enjoyable. The first day of every class, I have students participate in a learning activity I learned in college. The students come to the front of the class and I ask them questions (Ex. What did you eat for breakfast?, What were you wearing yesterday?). I then determine what whether they are a visual, audio, or khenistetic learner based on their answers. The students love this! I not only show them that I care about their differentiation as learners, but this helps me to determine how to differentiate on DAY 1. By starting this process early, teachers can fin their routines in developing a diverse educational experience. My mission as a teacher has always been to teach students in ways that THEY learn. Knowing that I am not a magician, this task could seem unrealistic. However each year I thrive on finding new ways to differentiate. Whether I'm using the computer, assigning group stations, singing, using poetry, or simply reading from textbooks, I try my BEST to change things up. My question is, When might this become overwhelming? Should teachers try to accommodate to every single student in the classroom?

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