How do you differentiate instruction?

Online Tools to Help Personalize Learning

Whitney Hoffman Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

There are many online tools that can help teachers differentiate instruction and personalize learning. A few of my recent favorites are:

Storyjumper- help kids create and publish their own story book :

Storybird- Collaborative storytelling/publishing online

Glogster- allows students to create digital posters- my high school sophomore is using this now:

Graphic organizers for brainstorming and ordering information:

Voicethread: Adds audio and conversations to pictures, slides

There are a bunch of other ideas here as well:

What kind of online tools do you use in your classroom or would you consider using?

Have you considered adding blogging or wikis into your classroom to help students create a personal learning profile/collection of their work that they can share with others?

What kind of things have you found most helpful as web-based tools?

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Mike, I like the way you're

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Mike, I like the way you're using your class wiki. If a person worked in a Google Apps district, they could do similarly with either Google Sites or Google Docs.

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Noreen, this discussion is

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Noreen, this discussion is specifically about online tools for differentiation, which is why most of the tips being offered are tech-based. :-)

You're certainly not alone though. I've seen many comments from the community here focusing on both tech and non-tech strategies for connecting lesson content to student strengths/interests.

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