How do you differentiate instruction?

Online Tools to Help Personalize Learning

Whitney Hoffman Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

There are many online tools that can help teachers differentiate instruction and personalize learning. A few of my recent favorites are:

Storyjumper- help kids create and publish their own story book :

Storybird- Collaborative storytelling/publishing online

Glogster- allows students to create digital posters- my high school sophomore is using this now:

Graphic organizers for brainstorming and ordering information:

Voicethread: Adds audio and conversations to pictures, slides

There are a bunch of other ideas here as well:

What kind of online tools do you use in your classroom or would you consider using?

Have you considered adding blogging or wikis into your classroom to help students create a personal learning profile/collection of their work that they can share with others?

What kind of things have you found most helpful as web-based tools?

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I use a class wiki where every student has an individual page. As I speak with a student about their work, say a research project, I take notes on the kid's page as I speak. That way they later can see what I've said if I've sent them in a different direction from the rest of the class. I can also post individual resources on the fly. Then as they are working, I can "drop in" and see their drafts as they are doing the rather than waiting to collect the finished products only to discover, "Darn, little Johnny went off in a random direction."

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<a href=""></a>

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+1 is an online educational platform for kids between 3 and 7 years old. I've recently subscribed and my son just loved it. Huge variety of crafts with instructions and photos, encyclopedic information about all the animals and the environment, music, videos, naration fairy tales and so much more. The content of this website is amazing. But it's not only suitable for parents but for educators as well. A friend of mine is a kindergarten teacher and uses to monitor her little students activities and performance because the site provides statistics and analytics of each kids performance. I find really useful. One can discover his kids strengths and weaknesses concerning its learning skills. I highly recommend it!

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Cutting edge reading software that personalizes learning!

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Hi Whitney,

Thanks for setting up this thread! Very informative! I hope that my post is just as helpful to you and other readers--

At Actively Learn, we are developing the best web-based reading environment for students. Like you, we want students to get more out of reading. Based on our experience as teachers, we have designed software (optimized for iPads) that makes it possible for you to teach your students to become advanced readers. You can ask questions, add comments, and embed multimedia links in the classic English and history texts you already assign.

Perhaps most importantly, and most pertinent to this thread, is the opportunity to personalize learning using Actively. Our software allows you to bring your own questions and content into the text to make it relevant to your students--regardless of their levels. Teachers can also provide in-line, real time feedback to their students! Finally, the data collected using the software helps inform teachers of their students' strengths and areas of growth.

Please visit for an invite to use the software in your classes. We would love your feedback on your experience using the software with classic English and history texts, and any texts you are licensed to use from the internet.

Joe for personalized

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0 for personalized grammar, for webquests, qr codes

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I have used this great

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I have used this great website that has students brainstorm using a web. I used it to create a readers theater with my students.

It was awesome to see the students manipulate the story web. I used it for words, creating math problems and explaining how they got their answer.

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Thanks Cameron- that's a

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Thanks Cameron- that's a great tip!

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Thanks for sharing Cameron!

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Thanks for sharing Cameron! My daughter is using it now to organize her thoughts for her blog post right now.

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Thank you for this article.

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Thank you for this article. It's very usefull

when we talk about

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when we talk about personalized learning, it worth to mention learning management systems (LMS) They not only work as frameworks for learning but help to find personal approach to each learner. Using LMS you can create learning paths, include more visual content or include forums and social platform integration for communication.
Based on personal knowledge, abilities and previous excercises outcome, a student learns at his own pace, decides how much time should be spent on one or another topic.
Nowadays many Learning Management Systems (LMS) offer social platforms integration that can help here as nothing else: JoomlaLMS + JomSocial for Joomla! CMS or WordPress equivalent LearnDash + BuddyPress for example

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There are so many technology

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There are so many technology tips being offered here. And they all sound great. I guess I am kind of old school - thinking about creating different kids of explorative opportunities for students in order to support them in meeting my set goal.
So, as I teach my pre-K students, I try to embed strategies / activities that appeal to the different modalities consistent with Howard Gardner's ideas about multiple intelligences. AM I the only one thinking about it from this angle?

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