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Educon 2.3- Is this a movement?

Educon 2.3- Is this a movement?

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I was at Educon 2.3 this past weekend, and the educators there, from all over the country and Canada, shared some of the amazing things happening in their corners of the education world and beyond. Yet teachers are still frustrated at the fact that personalized learning, project based learning, and other things we know work to make learning meaningful and exciting to kids still seems to be happening in isolated pockets rather than system-wide. One teacher spoke of being frustrated that her peers seemed to want her to conform to very traditional projects like "coloring the Thanksgiving Turkeys" for the bulletin boards, where she opted out in favor of more interactive lessons for her class on how holidays were celebrated all over the world, and taking virtual field trips there instead. This made me step back and think: is one of the problems facing personalized learning being adopted one of overturning "that's how we do it" and traditionalism? Another teacher said (jokingly) that one of the older teachers on staff still had a three day hole in their November lesson plans because school was closed then when Kennedy was shot. Could we get more buy-in for things like differentiated instruction if we find a way to integrate traditional with the new? Where do you think the common ground lies?

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