How do you differentiate instruction?

Making Personalized Learning a Reality

Whitney Hoffman Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

I couldn't attend ISTE this year in person, but I have been following it on Twitter. There seems to be a lot of discussion about personalized learning, which I believe in whole heartedly. When I talk to teachers and professionals, they also agree with the concept, philosophically, but when it comes down to reality, I'm not sure they know how to "make it so" in the classroom.

How do you personalize learning? What do you expect out of personalized learning in the classroom?

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Where do we start getting the

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Where do we start getting the information first at and where to look?

Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Books are a good start...

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Jenifer and I wrote a great book called The differentiated Instruction Book of Lists which walks you through ideas and concepts with concrete examples and suggestions of how to make differentiated instruction and personalized learning a reality in the classroom. We'd be happy to answer any questions or give you help here as well- just let us know or drop me an email at LDpodcast (at) if you don;t want to ask a question here :)

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