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PBL Camp: Grades 6-8 (Week 1)

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

How will you make the oil spill relevant to your students? This is our brainstorming thread for the middle school community. Any and all ideas and thoughts welcome!

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Journalist and PBL advocate

Quote:My class period ends up

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My class period ends up being 40 minutes or less. I end up doing a quick discussion and having the lab so they can do the hands on seeing that in effect there is nothing they can do that will totally remove the oil damage. I can then show them that the damage done starts a domino effect down the chains.

Is there anyone with similar problems, good ideas, suggestions????

Michelle--I'm going to post your question in the PBL Camp Clinic: Ask a PBL Expert discussion. Our PBL pros should have some good ideas for you.

6th Lang Arts, 8th U.S. history, tech teacher; IB school in Pontiac, MI

Hi to all. Been on vacation

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Hi to all. Been on vacation and trying to catch up with everyone. I teach 6th grade Language Arts and 8th grade U.S. history. I'm going to try to figure out a way to bring the oil spill into the U.S. history class. May even include some background on the entire oil industry.

Middle school math department from Brooklyn, NY

I love the specifics that you

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I love the specifics that you provided Jason. I definitely see this project math related and looking for various activities that will spark the interest of all of my students (in some way_lol)

6 - 12th math teacher

free Graphing program

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I really like "Graph," a program written by Ivan Johansen. This one is not online, you download it and run it from your own computer. You can get it at:

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