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PBL Camp: Grades 6-8 (Week 1)

PBL Camp: Grades 6-8 (Week 1)

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How will you make the oil spill relevant to your students? This is our brainstorming thread for the middle school community. Any and all ideas and thoughts welcome!

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Melinda Turner's picture
Melinda Turner
Sixth Grade Mathematics Teacher from Tazewell, TN

I've big ideas how to use this PBL for my Math class.  However, I need some help finding specific Math content.  The idea that was given during the Webinar for helping students realize millions, billions, etc. was an excellent idea.  Any other ideas of how to make the topic specifically address Math?

Melinda Turner's picture
Melinda Turner
Sixth Grade Mathematics Teacher from Tazewell, TN

Living in an isolated and high-poverty area of East Tennessee is a factor preventing most of my students from ever visiting the coast.  This PBL will make the oil spill seem real.  Working toward a solution will hopefully plant the seeds of future Mathematicians to solve/prevent future oil spills.

Ann Booth's picture
Ann Booth
6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts TX

Using some of BP's cost figures, you could have your students figure out how much is being spent in terms of something they can realte to i.e. video games, school lunches. Ex: If British Petroleum has spent 3.5 billion dollars for cleanup efforts so far, how many video games could they have purchased for that amount?

 Have students find out how many gallons in a barrel. Then take it further with gallons in the Gulf, how many barrels would that be, etc...

Melinda Turner's picture
Melinda Turner
Sixth Grade Mathematics Teacher from Tazewell, TN

That is an awesome idea!  At some point in the project, I want them to write their own word problems based on their research and/or my presentations...questions such as your suggestion will be perfect examples.  Thank you!

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