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PBL Camp: Grades 9-12 (Week 1)

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

How will you make the oil spill relevant to your students? This is our brainstorming thread. Any and all ideas and thoughts welcome!

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High School Math Teacher

Quote:Initially, I thought

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Initially, I thought that the oil spill would not be relevant to an english/literature/composition classroom but after spending a couple of hours researching, I am of a new mind. I have wanted to explore for some time the nature of new media/citizen journalism and believe this might be a perfect PBL. Have the students create discourse on the subject in various mediums (to showcase the different ways to write) - blog, podcasting, videos, Facebook pages, etc. Have them analyze previous literature and media on environmental issues, the nature of gas usage in suburban life (where all have cars) and the affect on their lives. As we are right near the Meadowlands in NJ, it is easy to hit home the importance of environment. Love to hear thoughts from all of you

That is an awesome idea. You can even have them look at suburban vs major metropolitan. The news in both of those areas are very different based upon the population however both are facing the same environmental issues.

Freshman Biology Teacher, Texas

I would want to start by

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I would want to start by showing my students video and photos of the devastation the oil spill has had and potentially will have on the species of the area. I want my students to think in long range terms and to not only think about the current effect that the spill is having. Students would be asked what effect they think it might have on the food web of the area. Students would then research articles on the web such as the following article and make predictions of possible future outcomes.
Students would be asked questions such as, "If the food web is affected,what might happen?", What effect could this have on the evolution of species in the area?" and "How can the Gulf oil spill effect the area we live in?"

10th grade Social Studies

Maybe trace where we get our

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Maybe trace where we get our food from. (does any seafood come from the gulf?)

Also, maybe we could figure out what we use petroleum and oil for. We're starting our year with a resource unit, and we all use petroleum. Which is why we were drilling in the first place.

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