PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 3-5 (Week 2) | Edutopia
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PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 3-5 (Week 2)

PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 3-5 (Week 2)

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Please share your name and grade level and some info about the project you'd like to do. If you know your driving question, you can include that. If not, it's OK. You can collaborate with your team to develop that.

To connect with someone who has posted a project here, click their name to view their profile. In the left column, under the photo, there is a link SEND A MESSAGE. Use that to securely communicate. From there, you can share your email address or phone number. Please don't post your personal contact info in the group.

Once you've found collaborators, you may click "edit" at the bottom of your post and type PROJECT FOUND in the subject line so the rest of us know you're not available for this collaboration.
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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

My idea is really rough so far, but I would like to have the students investigate how the presence of oil changes animal habitats. My school uses the SRA -- Imagine It! reading series, so I would like to use the stories in the selection to anchor the unit while the students investigate the question. Is anyone else using this reading series? I would like to involve our science and computer specialists in this unit as well, perhaps having the students publish a blog on the subject.

To collaborate on this project, please contact Maureen directly.

Kay Hones's picture
Kay Hones
Librarian San Francisco and support National Board Candidates

We use FOSS science & Harcourt Language Arts...however there are many non fiction titles that would be useful for 3-5 science projects.
What would they publish on blog? Would they create poster/project/paper & share via blog? Would they work in teams or with partners? Would other students respond with questions and reflections?
Our third grade students really enjoy creating surveys, quizzes and wordsearch activities (more in second semester). Their comments to each other are rarely more than a sentence. They do enjoy modifying a rubric for their specific projects.

Daniela Arghir's picture
Daniela Arghir
teacher of English as a foreign language in Sibiu, Romania

One particular class next school year will focus on saving the gray wolf and the brown bear in the part of Romania where we live - doing the bit that we can.
I like the idea of a blog, Maureen, and I think your questions, Kay, are well thought.
We would love to work collaboratively with you. Our students' level of English is pre-intermediate and intermediate, and their ICT skills are pretty good.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Daniela Arghir from Sibiu, Romania.

Holly E.'s picture
Holly E.
4/5 teacher in multi-age classroom in Charter school in Los Angeles

Anyone using the 4th Grade FOSS units this year? The unit I will be teaching is called Environments and I plan on integrating it into the pbl unit on the Oil Spill. Hoping to hook up with people who want to work on that here.

Renee's picture
5th Grade Teacher from Bronx, New York

I plan to begin the year by focusing on inquiry and observations. I hope to integrate PBL with service learning and character education. I will first assess their prior knowledge of the oil spill and give them an overview of what is taking place. I would like my students to then brainstorm a few questions that they have about the oil spill or other environmental issues. We could then use those questions to propel the project. Next, we could focus on the topic/topics that most interest them. I would be interested in collaborating and exploring any ideas where we can directly connect to the people affected by the oil spill and ways that we can help or support the people/animals in that area. I would also be interested in collaborating with 3rd through 12th grade. If anyone is interested in collaborating please comment or send me a message. I will be part of the twitter conversation today. You can reach me @TeacherEdwards on Twitter.

Marsha Fischer's picture

Hi Renee, I would love to collaborate with you. I teach science for grades K-5. I plan to focus a lot on inquiry and observation. I am in South FL so this really affects us. It should be interesting to compare the knowledge of children here and in the Bronx

Kelyn Dewar's picture
Kelyn Dewar
Second grade teacher, Mountain View, CA

Renee, Yes I would like to collaborate with you. I have a request in to connect via twitter. Kelyn

Doretta Lambert's picture
Doretta Lambert
3rd grade teacher, Technology Leader

Hello, team. I am a 3rd grade teacher from Montana, currently in Texas. I'm excited to be part of this camp and look forward to working on this with all of you. I followed the chat today on Twitter, but my Twitter posts to Facebook, so I stopped posting. I understand that we are to team up and work on the wiki together. I just wanted you to know that I am here and ready to begin this worthwhile project with you.

Kristin Hoins's picture
Kristin Hoins
Technology Teacher Grades 4-6

I would love to find a way to work with all the teams that are formed to integrate technology so that we create an authentic audience for the students' driving questions, their findings, their journey through problem-solving and research. I'd like to work with teachers in their use of the Web 2.0 tools and create a Blog or Ning that brings all of the teachers and students together. As teachers we can build interest and followers so the students work is getting responses and we can provide opportunity for the students to connect with experts to add to their research and learning process. Can we create this central location where each teacher team has pages dedicated to their driving questions and grade level in which students are cataloging/posting their learning process, discussing, and then publishing their final project for response? By merging Grades 3-6 we start out with a foundation, a community from which to build upon. Topics that I've seen blogged so far include the Oil Spill in relation to Animal Habitats, Land and Water, Biomes/Ecosystems, Sustainability, Oil Use.

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