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PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 6-8 (Week 2)

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia
Please share your name and grade level and some info about the project you'd like to do. If you know your driving question, you can include that. If not, it's OK. You can collaborate with your team to develop that.

To connect with someone who has posted a project here, click their name to view their profile. In the left column, under the photo, there is a link SEND A MESSAGE. Use that to securely communicate. From there, you can share your email address or phone number. Please don't post your personal contact info in the group.

Once you've found collaborators, you may click "edit" at the bottom of your post and type PROJECT FOUND in the subject line so the rest of us know you're not available for this collaboration.

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Migratory Bird Site, Oakland

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In Oakland, near the Coliseum, there exists a dedicated/ protected migratory bird site. The site is part of the Martin Luther King Shoreline Park. Access the site by the parking lot & walking bridge across Damon Slough, east side, off of the 66th Ave./Zone Way offramp (toward San Leandro Bay). Or access by Edgwater Drive (northerly end) by the Garretson Point Staging (MLK park) area that has parking. Walk right up to the 8 acre bird site. The fenced site is most active (bird use) during the winter rainy season (November-April). The site was created for migratory birds, shorebirds and local birds. An education sign provides information at the site.

Migratory Bird Site, Oakland, comment to Mary Ball

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In Oakland near the Coliseum, exists a dedicated migratory bird site. An education sign provides information. The site is part of the Martin Luther King Shoreline Park along San Leandro Bay. The site connects to park trail system. Access the site via 66th Ave/Zone Way off ramp (head west), park and walk across pedestrian bridge over Damon Slough. Or access the site at the northerly end of Edgewater Drive. The site is near the Garretson Point Staging area of MLK park The fenced site is most active with migratory and shoreline birds during the rainy season (November - April). The site was built to create and enhance the wetlands. Thus rain water accumlates there and creates a mini pond with a raised island in the middle for the birds to rest upon. I've observed over 15 species of birds at one time at the site. Great place to picnic near by or to go to for a quick educational excursion with kids.

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