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PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 6-8 (Week 2)

PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 6-8 (Week 2)

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Please share your name and grade level and some info about the project you'd like to do. If you know your driving question, you can include that. If not, it's OK. You can collaborate with your team to develop that.

To connect with someone who has posted a project here, click their name to view their profile. In the left column, under the photo, there is a link SEND A MESSAGE. Use that to securely communicate. From there, you can share your email address or phone number. Please don't post your personal contact info in the group.

Once you've found collaborators, you may click "edit" at the bottom of your post and type PROJECT FOUND in the subject line so the rest of us know you're not available for this collaboration.

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Jeffrey Decker's picture

Hi Ann Marie,

Cincinnati would be a great "land-locked" site. Let's stay in contact. Do you have ideas about the project that you are thinking about in your 8th science class? I am still in the brainstorming mode...My school email: jdecker@stgregoryschool.org

Everett Holm's picture

I teach in a district just minutes away from Glacier National Park. The concerns abound for the condition of the park and the melting glaciers. Secondly, water, water, water and then water are huge issues which is assumed to be directly impacted by the state of the glaciers.

Thinking "What happens when the glaciers are gone?"

Current estimates are the last of the glaciers in Glacier NP will be gone between 2020 and 2030.

So issues on the environment (animals, fauna, geological), water resources (purity, irrigation, etc.) We can also tie in with all the oil exploration happening on the reservation and will there be any correlation between the two.

Rebecca Petrilak's picture
Rebecca Petrilak
IB Research/Critical Thinking, Walker Middle Magnet School, Tampa, FL

Hi Jeffrey,
Although I teach Language Arts, the science teacher on my team will probably be interested in your survey. We begin the year August 24th. Will that fit into your schedule. Let me know and I will invite her to join the camp. Right now she has limited internet access but I can help her, as I am also be interested in this project.

Everett Holm's picture

Sounds like a great opportunity. I teach on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation which is quite landlocked however the tribe is promoting lots of oil exploration which I had some students wondering if this was good or not. So our perspective would come from being landlocked yet having land drilling in our backyard.

For surveys - I would suggest using a Google Form - the survey 'results' would be placed into a google spreadsheet which would readily available for data analysis.

Timing would be better suited to do the surveys mid- to late-September as we don't until 8/26 and then it will be late-September before all our kids will start their technology classes where they will have access to do the survey.


[quote]The surveys will aim to gain insight into how different students living in different parts of the US view and feel about the BP spill. Looking for at least one school that is at "ground zero" and able to have students who have a local beach impacted by the oil spill. Another community with access to beaches not impacted would be good...and a 3rd school from someplace landlocked would round out the group nicely. Survey answers will lead to graphing using a spreadsheet program. I might also be cool to compare Wallwisher responses and look for patterns based on geographic location?


Vicky Sedgwick's picture
Vicky Sedgwick
K-8 Computer Teacher from Southern California

[quote]Hi Vicky,
I noticed that you are a computer teacher...do you have any suggestions for a good online survey program? The only one I have used in "Survey Monkey". Any other thoughts?[/quote]

I thought I'd answer this here in case others are interested but I'll also email. I typically use Google Forms for surveys these days. Google Forms don't limit the number of questions or the number of responses and it is easy to use the data collected either in Google Docs or in Excel.

As far as survey tools go, I like Survey Monkey but sometimes find it too restrictive on the free version. I had used Survey Gizmo in the past because they had lots of customizations available including images for each question but they no longer offer a free option unless you are a college student. My current choice for this type of survey option is Advanced Survey at http://www.advancedsurvey.com/ - it allows for unlimited questions & unlimited responses & you can download easily for import into Excel.

Gr8English's picture
8th Grade teacher in rural South Caroina

I'm an 8th grade English teacher and love to incorporate cross-curricular units into my literature and writing curriculum. I'm a week behind with camp due to a computer crash, but would love to team up with teachers who need a language arts/literature/writing perspective or anyone from South Carolina.

South Carolina has a high number of nuclear power plants--another highly sought after source of energy with a great potential for catastrophic environmental impact. In fact, there is a NP plant less than 30 miles from the school in which I teach. I wondered at the possibility of tying this into my project.

Ginny Pauwels's picture
Ginny Pauwels
6th Lang Arts, 8th U.S. history, tech teacher; IB school in Pontiac, MI

I'd be glad to work with you. Our students return on the 25th of August. I teach 6th grade Language Arts and 8th grade U.S. history. I'm in Michigan.

Jane Krauss's picture
Jane Krauss
Teacher, curriculum and program developer, author, PBL facilitator, techie

[quote]Hey gang:

I won't be able to actually do a project next year. I'm in a co-teaching/inclusion situation that seriously impacts my ability to plan and implement any ideas.

But ... I've been thinking about this project as if I would do it. And I came up with this essential question:

What is true connectiveness?

This really applies to the oil spill on so many levels. Through research and learning about the spill/leak, many avenues can be explored around connectiveness - and it applies to every subject area. And with my students who live in an impoverished area of a large, urban city (not too far from the Northeastern coast but far away enough that they don't think about it much) this could really delve into how we connect with people we've never met in situations we aren't familiar with.

I hope this is helpful for some of you who are able to use this next year. I really wish I could![/quote]

I think that's such a great unifying theme, Erika!

Erika Saunders's picture
Erika Saunders
6th-8th Special Ed, LS & Mentally Gifted teacher

The more I think about it, the more this project is developing in my mind - that's usually how it goes for me. I get an idea and before I know it, it's blossomed into a full fledged project.

I'd love for this to be the essential question in our community (6-8th grades) and in all subject areas. I really think it would not only help the kids to see beyond their own lives - i.e. the oil spill and other events (good and bad) that are happening around the worlds - but also to help them see how the subject areas are connected. It's not just science, social studies, math, and literacy. They're all connected.

We'll see. Maybe I will have some open teachers who are willing to explore this idea. Or, if I'm really lucky, our modified roster - you know, the one that includes extra literacy and math so that our kids will move up on the all important tests - will have room in it for my MG/Enrichment class and we can explore it there.

If anyone is interested in fleshing this out, I'd be happy to kick around some ideas, even if it doesn't come to pass for me.


Jeffrey Decker's picture

Thanks for the tip on Google Form. Would be great to include your students in this survey. Was up in Glacier Nat Park two summers ago. Amazing Mtns! Not sure what the timing is going to be. Schools have such different start times...Perhaps the surveys can be somewhat ongoing?

I am still looking for a school that has direct impact from the BP oil spill on community or beaches. If you are on "ground zero", please consider letting my students survey your students about their thoughts and feelings related to this unfortunate accident. My school email is jdecker@stgregoryshool.org.

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